My name is Monty Kamath

I'm a senior software engineer, & entrepreneur. I live and work remotely from Cleveland, Ohio. I have a wife and two boys. Life is good.

Monty Kamath

Beautiful Software

I love creating beautiful software. I believe that code should be easy to understand and maintain. When faced with design or coding choices I prefer simple, elegant, skinny solutions. Less code is better but easy to understand code is best.

Exciting Projects

I’ve worked on some amazing projects, including a few independent projects that turned a profit. Each project taught me something valuable. I love to stretch and grow and learn. Challenging projects and new business ideas and opportunities really excite me.

My clients, customers and employers have included ScienceLogic, IBM, General Electric, Progressive Insurance, Sprint, American Greetings, DST Systems, Quallaby, First Union Bank, Key Bank, US Air Force, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, etc.

To learn more about my professional career check out my LinkedIn profile. To learn more about my side projects, check out my blog.

Sr. Software Engineer & Entrepreneur
My family is everything to me
I love traveling
I'm super organized

Online Presence

Check out my blog or LinkedIn profile or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!